Sunday, September 27, 2015

We Are Epic!

Check out our Team Epic introduction video!
Here is how we did it:
  In order to create this video we used a green screen, an iPad and then a computer to put everything together.  Each learner decided on a word that they felt described themselves.  We then took a video using the iPad camera, a green screen, a microphone, and an additional iPad as a 'chalkboard.'  We created these videos while all 45 of our kiddos were in the room so there was a lot of background noise.  We were able to use a microphone which helped and with future videos we will use the new iMovie update which has an option to reduce background noise.  The video was produced by using iMovie.  Using Google Drawing we created a black background with both our school logo and our team logo.  I love using the green screen effect in iMovie, if is very simple!  All we did was add our Google Drawing image and then when we added each child's video we just dropped it on top of the drawing background and iMovie gives an option to chose a green screen effect, easy peasy!