Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lincoln Elementary: Where Greatness Begins!

Wow!  Where to start...
So we just had conferences again and it was awesome.  It never ceases to amaze me just how much our parents support the change we have made from legacy classrooms to personalized learning.  Our principal wanted to compile a video of parents and their feedback about personalized learning because we wanted to know how they thought it was going...we thought some of them liked it, but we were blown away by all the love!  I had parents in tears talking about how amazing this year has been, how much their child has grown, and how much their child LOVES school.  And in the end, isn't that what it's all about?  Every educator I know only wants one thing; to create a love of learning.  Well educators, it's super easy...just give the child the control to customize their own learning, and they will AMAZE you.
So, onto other great things, we recently unpacked our vision statement for Lincoln Elementary as a staff.  The vision is as follows (get ready to be inspired...)
Here at Lincoln Elementary, we will not follow the status quo nor will we fall victim to the unrelenting pull of the downstream current.  We find ourselves truly and deeply invested in crafting the future of our profession and taking the challenge to swim upstream.  We are willing to be pushed beyond the edge of our comfort levels and take risks, because we know that is precisely where innovation occurs and growth happens. With strength, vision, and determination we will change the educational paradigm.  We are committed to being the place ‘Where Greatness Begins’!
It was a great activity for the staff to be able to look at the vision, pick it apart, and think about how they see themselves on this "journey to greatness." It was one of many steps towards creating a climate and culture that has everyone on the same page.
We wanted to begin with the vision because we want teachers to do the same "unpacking" with the mission statement in their own classrooms to build a similar culture. The mission statement is short, sweet, and awesome.
Lincoln Elementary: Where Greatness Begins!
So, I asked my kiddos what greatness means to them and how they are great.  There was no prompting, no previous discussion, terrible videography, and obviously, no editing :)  Next week, we will make new goals for our PLPs and fully unpack our mission.  But this is cute in the meantime ;)