Thursday, October 2, 2014

O.M.G! Every student on task?!

Today was the first day that I let my kids "loose" with their PLP's (Personalized Learning Plans).  I had previously met with each child, individually, to set their goals.  I assessed them on counting, number recognition, shapes, alphabet recognition, letter sounds, and sight words.  From there, I helped them devise an appropriate goal for them to work on independently.  Since they are 5, it was more like me guiding (telling) them what their goal should be.  Then I put together their PLP's.  The kids know that these folders are for them.  They are their goals for learning.  In it, there are worksheets, word lists, letter recognition sheets, and QR codes.  I'm sure I will add to it as the year progresses :)
So today, I gave them their PLP's and told them to look through them and see what they noticed...well of course, they ALL noticed the QR codes, so I went with it.  I told them they could spend some time working on their goals and use the QR codes if they wanted to.  They all grabbed their iPads and this is what happened:  They worked hard, got excited, shared their goals with neighbors, and practiced skills THEY wanted to practice!  It didn't last too long, probably only 20 minutes or so, but I was thrilled!  Every child was on task and so interested in what they were doing!  It was a lot of work to get to this point, and I'm sure there will be many more struggles, let me be honest, but look at these pictures!