Wednesday, August 20, 2014

About Us/Contact Info

We started our journey as a team of kindergarten teachers teaching at Lincoln Elementary School in Janesville, WI.  2 years ago, we started our technology journey with 5 iPads in each classroom.  Last year we jumped into a one-to-one technology pilot for our district.  Also, a few years ago, we really challenged our 5 and 6 year-olds and were amazed at the things we could do together, so last year, we decided to really challenge ourselves by implementing Personalized Learning, and a new science curriculum along with our technology.  It turned out to be even more amazing than we could have ever thought possible!  Now we are on to a new, even bigger challenge...each of us are taking on a new adventure in the School District of Janesville.  Alli will be teaching in a 4/5 Personalized Learning, multi-age classroom at Lincoln Elementary.  Carrie will be teaching K/1 in a Personalized Learning, multi-age classroom at Lincoln, and Tiffany will be teaching 6th grade Comm. Arts in a Personalized Learning classroom at Franklin Middle School in Janesville.  We can't wait to share all the awesomeness that is going to unfold this year as we continue to tell you the honest and dirty truth about Personalized Learning!  Follow along with us on our "Journey to Greatness!"
Alli, Tiffany, and Carrie

To contact us:
Carrie Mergen
Twitter: @Carriemergen

Alli Arnold
Twitter: @AlliArnold1

Tiffany Redieske
Twitter: @Tiff_Redieske